Data Entry

A List of 10 Legitimate Data Entry Job Sites:

Data entry jobs are among the most preferred online work from home opportunities due to a number of facts. The main reasons why people go after data entry jobs are:

  • There is in fact a huge demand for fresh data feeding or modification of existing data lying around in various systems and formats
  • Data entry jobs can be sourced and executed from any part of the world – even at the comfort of your home
  • It is a job that for even the most unskilled and non-technical computer user can do
  • It’s a job that can be done offline as well i.e. You needn’t be connected to the Internet all the time – meaning low investment (Well, you need a computer for sure)
  • And needless to say, it fetches decent hourly rate when it comes to paymentI thought of writing this post because even after five years into my first post on data entry jobs, I still keep getting queries and emails data entry job sitefrom people asking for data entry related jobs. At the same time, there are data entry website owners who are asking for reviews of their sites as well. In the meantime, I had also hired some people – from a couple of these sites that I am going to list down – in order to execute certain data-entry job for me. So the list that I am providing below is sourced via multiple channels.

Data Entry – Work From Home Websites

Let me start with the site that I have personal experience with in terms of giving an assignment:

(Just in case you find any of them to be illegitimate, please notify me butt please don’t contact me for jobs and assignments)

  1. Data Entry Jobs
  2. Axion Data Processing Services
  3. Capital Typing
  4. AccuTran – Transcription type data entry jobs
  5. Register at Skillpages for Data entry and Other jobs
  6. VirtualBee
  7. Click Worker
  8. elance Data Entry
  9. Data entry and similar job posting at DP Forums
  10. Monster Online Data Entry jobs site

Further Tips

I hope you find your online assignments in one or more of the above mentioned data entry websites. Please note that it’s not advisable to go for the sites that ask for a huge signup fee or registration charges. However, it is okay to go for an online numeracy test required for the job.

Many data entry sites in countries like India or Philippines are mere feeder services to bigger agencies like the one listed here. It is better to sign up directly with bigger ones than going via such agents because at the end your pay get affected.

Due to the imbalance in supply v/s demand of data entry skills, there may be times when you don’t find immediate opportunities. It is better that you register with the above websites and await the right opportunities. At the same time, you may fine tune your skills and try to get some recommendations and testimonials about your past work. This will definitely add value in finding the right assignments and get better hourly rates.