Earn Money very easy by Ojooo

What is Ojooo ?

Ojooo is a PTC Site.

Ojooo is a New PTC Site in the World.

Ojooo 150$ par Month Earn Money Easly in Stay at Home.

Ojooo Working !

Your Working is as follow !

a. Just Visit Ads 10sec to 30sec.
Ojooo Give Daily Some Ads

b. Your 2st Work is Make More and More Refer.

What is Referral ?

Referral is Two Type !

1. Direct Refer
2. Rant Reffer

1. Direct Refer
We Know Ojooo Give Direct Referals link to Increasing your Earning.
There are Many ways to Promote Ojooo Referal link to E-Mail , Chat Messengers , Facebook , Twitter etc

Invite Member to this Link & Get More Earning from 1 Direct Refer life time.


Get Ojooo Direct Refer Link !


2. Rent Refer
Rant Refer is very Useful for Increasing your Money.

In Rant Refer we buy Refers in Rant for 30 Days.

We Pay 0.60$ & Buy 3 Reffers for Days.

See your four Days Rent Reffers Report , if any one Not Work in Report , Pay 0.07$ & Recycle them and Buy New Refer in this Refer.

Main Question , we Get Refer ?

View Ads Daily in Ojooo & Earn 0.60$ when you Buy 3 Reffer for 30 days.

1 Rent Refer = 0.20$

Get 50% Earning from Rent Refer Link.

Buy More as More Rant Refers & Increasing your Earning.

If you Have Payza | PayPal Bank Accound , you Easy add Funds & Buy Rent Refers.

Ojooo Payment Details !

Minimum Payout : 2$
Payment Mothed : Payza , PayPal

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

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