Top 10 Crowdsourcing Sites Like MTurk

If you have been working for long on crowdsourcing sites like mTurk & making some decent earning from this, you may want to know some alternative crowdsourcing sites. By working on these crowdsourcing sites, you can increase your earnings to double or even triple.

You can read this article here if you don’t have idea on what is crowdsourcing or mTurk. Crowd sourcing is one of the best way to earn money by working on simple tasks like finding contact details from some websites, searching for similar websites, finding an image based on some keyword, giving reviews & ratings on some websites, writing a comment or short article, like a page on social networking sites 4

ou may find hundreds of similar tasks which are simple in nature. There may be some crowdsourcing sites which focus on any general topic like mTurk & there may be some sites that focus on specific topic. Here we are going to learn about top 10 crowd sourcing sites.

Top 10 crowdsourcing sites


Microworkers is one of the best website similar to mTurk. You will find thousands of tasks on daily basis. Most of the tasks on are related to website promotions. It means you will help the employers in microworkers to promote their website so that they can generate good business from their website.

But the tasks are very simple in nature & anyone with little knowledge can do it. And yes, if you are already making money from Mturk then you will find these tasks very easy.

Check here some of the examples of task on MicroWorkers –microworkers

  • Follow someone on twitter
  • Rate a YouTube video
  • Create a Gmail account
  • Signup on some website
  • Upload a photo on some website etc. etc.

Now you know, how easy is this to make money on MicroWorkers. So do you think its worth to join MicroWorker to make money.

If yes, then visit the site here & click ‘Register for Free’. And yes, don’t forget to read their FAQs.


ShortTask is one of the good crowdsourcing site to make money. Each website call their worker with different name so here in ShortTask, you are known as ‘Solver’.


You will find 4 broad categories in ShortTask-

  • Research – Tasks like finding a competitor site, research the airfares & give the cheapest, research website related to some topics etc.
  • Data Entry – Entering some info, copy & paste jobs, extract text from images etc.
  • Writing – Writing a review, comment, short article, proofreading etc.
  • Design – Logo design, banner design, header design etc.

Get the full list of tasks & other details on the website itself. Visit ShortTask here.


This is again a good company to work with & here you are known as ClickWorker. Once you join ClickWorker, you need to pass assessments for most job types.

There are two kinds of assessments: basic assessments help to evaluate skills such as spelling, grammar and foreign-language knowledge while projects assessments teach you specific requirements they need you to fulfill when working.

There are around more than 200,000 Clickworkers & they always have large number of micro jobs in their system.

But you can browse & work on these jobs only after you pass the assessments. So just login to your account & click the link ‘Start your first basic assessment now’ or click on ‘have a look at our list of current project assessments!’

I suggest you to read its FAQ here before you join Clickworker.


MinuteWorkers is one of the very simple sites to make money from. The tasks in MinuteWorkers are easy to complete. Most of the tasks on MinuteWorker include:

  • Signup on some website & activate your account
  • Download something from some website
  • completing a survey
  • posting on forum

You will find a lot of tasks related to signup & you can earn good income working on such tasks. One of the tip to work on these signup tasks is create a new email for signup tasks as you will receive promotional email from the sites where you signed up.

Visit the site MinuteWorkers, signup & start earning from MinuteWorkers.


RapidWorkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. & its growing rapidly. Like MicroWorkers, most of the tasks here are marketing related which helps to grow the sites of the employer. When you visit the website, you will find its interface copied from that of MicroWorkers.

The minimum payout is $4 & you can get paid immediately by PayPal once you reach the min. payout.


The slogan of CloudCrowd is “Work where you want, when you want.”. Its one of the best site to make money in your spare time. Most of the tasks are related to writing. You can work either on general writing, marketing writing or editing type of work.

When a company provides any project to CloudCrowd, they break it down into a smaller set of tasks that you can finish using their Facebook work application.

Commission are paid the same business day & you can receive your payment by PayPal.


You are known as a contributor in CrowdFlower. With more than 30 million contributors worldwide, CrowdFlower is one of the biggest crowdsourcing website.

There is no direct signup facility on CrowdFlower so if you want to become a CrowdFlower contributor, you need to signup with one of their contributor channel partners such as ClixSense, mTurk, SuperPay etc.


Crowdtap is a best site for crowd sourcing work. They have got so many big brands associated with them & you can work with any of the brand you like.

You can directly login to Crowdtap with your Facebook account. You don’t need to make a separate signup.

But Crowdtap is available for only US people & they hope to expand internationally soon.


Samasource is a nonprofit organization run by Leila Janah. Its is an innovative social business that connects women and youth living in poverty to dignified work via the Internet.

There are 3 steps to work with Samasource-


Samasource work with in-country partners to identify and recruit poor women and youth, making less than $3 a day on average, to become Samasource workers and give them the opportunity to earn a living wage


Workers receive 2-4 weeks of computer-based training in order to prepare them for microwork projects and position them for ongoing success in the workplace.

Give Work

Workers perform microwork for their clients, enabling them to earn a living wage and gain the critical job skills necessary to increase their lifetime earnings.

If you want to join Samasource, just click here & click on “Donate Your Skills” at the bottom.


Jobboy is a crowdsourcing website with more than 60,000 workers worldwide. Its worth to join & make money through

Although there are less tasks as compared to other websites mentioned here but if you are quick enough to pick the jobs from here then this crowd sourcing site is recommended for you.


myLot is one of the famous crowdsourcing sites with large number of tasks available in its database. Although people from any country can join but if you are from US, you will find more eligible tasks for you.

Its easy to earn from myLot as you most of the tasks are vey simple in nature. You can find some of faqs here regarding myLot.

Are you already working on any of the 10 crowdsourcing sites mentioned above. If yes, then share your experience with other people.

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